Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Now They're Serious

The following is my completely unobjective opinion:

Apparently Iran has a new message for the West: NOW they're serious!
Iran said Tuesday it was ready for "serious negotiations" on its nuclear program, but a semi-official news agency said the government was unwilling to abandon nuclear enrichment — the key U.S. demand.
Inherently, this means they were not serious before (although, they, of course, would make the accusation that it was the U.N. who was not serious).

Do I mean to tell you they weren't serious before? OF COURSE THEY WEREN'T SERIOUS BEFORE!

Now, I'm no expert on the Iranian enrichment program, but it seems to me, that Iran figures it can just keep stalling our P.R. happy, P.C. nation until it finally has a bomb; and sadly, it appears that they are right. Iran stalls and stalls, and then every time some course of action becomes imminent; they drag us back to the bargaining table. That's not so surprising. What's surprising is that the U.S. (and by default, the U.N.) is stupid enough to do it.

So far Iran has managed to push any action for almost an entire year! That's not bad considering their bomb was said to be within 5 years of completion. Meanwhile, the War in Iraq continues to lose popular support among the media brainwashed masses, thereby making the possibility of military action against Iran less likely (and if you think their leadership doesn't realize that, this blog may be too adult for you).

Indeed, Iran's newest action has probably bought them a few more months as our out-of-touch, corrupt politicians on both (indeed all) sides of the fence pander for re-election, preferring to put off any decision until after the election, rather than alienating potential voters by making a decision either way.

A full-scale ground invasion of Iran is highly unlikely at this point (Heaven forbid the Shiites in Iraq get more bad press from the U.S.).

The U.N. has agreed to place economic sanctions on Iran. Such sanctions could slow their economy by perhaps as much as say 5% after every country gets their slice of the under-the-table pie. That's a full 5% of their people that will have to sustain lack of food, denial of medicine, continued denial of medicine, and social services religious federally funded religious brainwashing (wait, that sounds strangely familiar).

Alas, each day that passes, Iran becomes that much closer to having a working nuclear weapon. This time, however, they are "serious." Rest assured, next time they'll be "really serious," and when Iran finally does get a nuclear weapon due to all this stupid posturing, politicking, and in the end, inaction, the rest of the world, U.S. included, will finally be "really serious."


Blogger Gruntled American said...

You're exactly right. However, this should not be surprising given that we have no leverage and Iran is calling our bluff. Iran is playing this game better than this administration ever imagined. Our guys forgot the rule about never underestimating your enemy.

August 22, 2006 9:19 PM  

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