Monday, August 21, 2006

Hey Brother, Lend Me Your Tank

Probably not too much of a surprise here, it seems U.S. arms sales are up in the wake of the War on Terror.

On the other hand, George Will offers this observation,
F-16s are not useful tools against terrorism that issues from places such as Hamburg (where Mohamed Atta lived before dying in the North Tower of the World Trade Center) and High Wycombe, England.

Keeping that in mind, one of the biggest problems in the War on Terror is that conventional methods don't work. What then, is the solution?

To begin, I hope we can all agree to eliminate caving in as an option without lengthy explanation.

Providing education is one option, however, providing education is not such a straight-forward prospect when the people we are trying to educate are resistant to it. And what of women? Do we allow women to be excluded from education until we are able to educate the men to the point that they do not deny education to women? It seems to me that is simply exasperating the problem. Besides, how do we establish the educational facilities in the wake of fanatical resistance in the first place?

Fighting poverty is a thought, but I think of Somalia when I think of this option. How do we know that any help we offer won't just be used by militants to bolster their efforts?

Of course, there's armed conflict, but unless we can tackle the entire problem worldwide in one fell swoop, then this option could potentially just lead to future fanatics.

So to the people reading this, what are your thoughts? What ideas would you offer?


Anonymous Scott_api said...

You ask a valid question. I don't have a valid answer.

My initial utopian thought is this: Strengthen aliances. If us, Britain, France, Pakistan, East Timor, etc. stand shoulder-to-shoulder and take an attack-on-one-is-an-attack-on-all sort of attitude, we fight alot now, but maybe less later. I'm pulling country names out of thin air, I've got no idea of the geopolitical implications.

The obvious problem is a lot of people are going to see this as a building block to one global government, and that scares people.

August 21, 2006 10:53 PM  

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