Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Blog Can Beat-up Your Blog

Why is it that so many of the "big name" blogs now spend more time calling each other names as they do posting worthwhile news, analysis, or even opinions not related to one-another?

This smacks as a "2nd grade" argument to me.

Certainly, we should all realize that many people, perhaps even the majority of people, have pre-concieved opinions. Perhaps this is cynicism on my part, but I believe it goes beyond mere closed-mindedness. It seems to me that the type of person in question has their ideas so engrained, that not only are they unable to accept any opinion contrary to their own, but any view in any way contrary to thier opinion is taken as a personal afront.

An attack on their opinion is an attack on their ego. Therefore, they feel obligated to protect that opinion as they would protect themselves. However, as an open-minded person realizes, sometimes many opinions can be "right"; they can be "wrong"; and realistically, they usually have some right and some wrong.

How does one remedy this without giving way on their viewpoint (and thus their ego)? Attack the person! That, my friends, is exactly what many of the quantifiably certified "Leaders of the Blogging World" are now doing.

Alas, I offer a twist. This post is not about name calling, but rather, it is about partisanship. So it is true, the very opinions that have caused hostilities may not even be a result of closed-mindedness. The factions may very well realize that there is some right and some wrong to each side. Yet, they choose to attack each other not to protect their own opinions, but to protect the opinions of those they follow.


Blogger Charles said...

The questions that need to be asked then, are:
1) Is partisanship inherent in everything that people do?
2) Why do people lash out at each other rather than engage in debate?

I would say that (1)it isn't inherent and that (2)people only engage in this activity because they view politics as a game to be won or lost, rather than something for which compromise is required. The sad part is that I think most people do wish to debate civily but it is those who start slinging mud that demoralize the rest and dominate the "debate."

August 17, 2006 4:49 AM  

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