Wednesday, September 20, 2006

John McCain - Alien

Send troops to the border of his house! The newest headline reads, "McCain may alienate some conservatives".

The article refers to John McCain's stance on War on Terror detainees, and it adds,
"Politically, this isn't wise," added the Rev. Louis Sheldon, chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition, which supports the president's call for Congress to approve tough interrogation techniques for terrorism suspects.
Pardon me?!? This is not an endorsement of John McCain, but I for one, would FAVOR someone who acted politically "unwise" in favor of doing what he believes is "right".

Now, in all fairness, the article does quote McCain as he points that out himself saying,
As the clash escalated, McCain shrugged off suggestions that the dust-up could hurt him politically, telling reporters last week that his "credibility with the American people is that I do what I think is right."
What a novel idea (whomever the candidate might be).


Blogger Danny L. McDaniel said...

I for one hopes Senator John McCain alienates the Conservatives in Congress. It is about time they get a strong dose of reality and get away from the Reagan Era rhetoric of a generation ago about balanced budgets and smaller and less intrusive government, and stop using talking points from the Conserative Union, and become less ideological rigid and policy practical.

They are experts at using hot buttons issues at election time: against gay marriage; against abortion; against illegal immigrantion, and then onced re-elected do nothing legislative about it. Their conservative Christian base has been taken for a ride by the GOP since 1980 and have nothing to show for it. They want their money and votes but nothing else.

That is what I like about John McCain. He sees the need for government, not big or small, but smart government that can use market forces to get done what has been promised. He sees the need for a strong military that is used in a wise, effective manner.Above all, he sees a need for strong presidential leadership. The mess in Iraq will be remember in American history as the biggest waste of money and manpower, and an even larger embarassment ever made by the US government.

Conservatives have squander a decade. We went from balanced budgets, peace and prospertity, to a war that cannot be won or ended and no fiscal leadership ever demonstrated by the president. I wonder if George W. will be in demand for congressioan elections six years out of office in the same way Bill Clinton is sought by his party?

After this eight year party of the Adminstration of George W. Bush there will be one big, painful hangover for the United States.

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana

November 04, 2006 8:55 PM  
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